Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Just a few sites which I have found useful in my quest to learn html:

  • -This is quite an obvious one for anyone starting off in anything to do with computer science. They provide easy to follow online tutorials which let you practice every step as you work your way through the site, building up your html confidence as you progress.

  • - This rivals W3Schools as one of the best online tutorial based computer science sites. Any of my I.T. friends that I asked for recommendations directed me to this site over W3, so if that's anything to go by then it must be good.

  • Another good one for easy to follow, succinct explanations for the novice in the world of computer science.

I hope that this selection of html tutorial site offerings helps anyone who is having trouble with understanding html or further down the line, xml. I know that they have helped me a lot in the last few days, I'm not saying that I am now an expert, but I'm slowly but surely gaining confidence in my own ability to understand what is going on 'under the hood'!

 If all else fails, I recommend befriending someone who is studying Computer Science!


  1. - hadn't heard of this one Anna, I like the "plain English" idea though! And I'm way ahead of you with the computer science friend, I was relying on mine for help before this DAH journey even began. We'll get there!

    Loving the Orla quote too; I had popped it in to my most recent post, think I might include it in my next meme installation...!

    1. Yeah, those friends really come in handy at times like this!
      pagetutor seems to be good for getting a basic grasp of things, I'm still finding it all quite daunting though!

  2. These links will be great for getting to grips with the tech side of things. Apart from w3schools, I hadn't heard of them before.

    If I'm flummoxed during the year, I think I'll just borrow "The I.T. Crowd" Roy's solution to every computer problem, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"!

    1. I'm glad I could be of some help in providing new websites!

      Haha, that saying is my one and only fail safe I.T. skill, it works like a charm i'd say 70% of the time!

  3. I'm a bit of a Jen myself. These websites should prove useful in warding off a few panic HTML panic attacks.

  4. Php tutorials translated into plain english text and source code available at website.