Friday, 28 December 2012

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The Blue Lantern- For all things Modern/ Postmodern in nature. This is a beautiful blog full of little gems to discover everyday. Jane Librizzi brings life to these pieces through her intricate posts, littered with art and literature.
The introduction to this blog describes the reason behind the chosen title for this web-page:
A blue-shaded lamp served as the starboard light for writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette's imaginary journeys after she became too frail to leave her room. Her invitation, extended to all, was "Regarde!" Look, see, wonder, accept, live.
What I take from this introduction is that even though one might be confined to their room or to their bed, the use of the blog extends the realms of the imagination past the problem of location. This is the essence of the blog for me. It has been a great aid to me in my particular research interests, as it allows me to keep up to date with areas pertaining to the 19th and 20th centuries.

Sample Reality-  Mark Sample's blog blends his knowledge as a Professor in the Department of English at George Mason University with debates in the Digital Humanities. He is particularly interested in how DH is approaching contemporary literature within its research. He asks the question, is enough being done to include this field within DH and is innovation possible here?

 Mark's blog reflects his interest in open source pedagogy in particular. This blog has been very helpful for thinking about my own questions in relation to fitting Modern literature into the world of Digital Humanities. It has been reassuring to know that it is an ongoing struggle for many. It is also useful in terms of Sample's research in the pedagogy side of things.

Below is an example of the debates on pedagogy which are being waged within Sample's blog:

Training wheels are a kind of scaffolding. But they are intrusive scaffolding, obstructive scaffolding. These bulky metal add-ons get in the way quite literally, but they also interfere pedagogically. Riding a bike with training wheels prepares a child for nothing more than riding a bike—with training wheels.

Matt Like Sample Reality, Wilkens's blog focuses on marrying English literature with Digital Humanities. Although his blog has been slightly neglected of late, the posts which Wilkens has published focus upon the impact of areas ranging from theory to technology in English Literature research and study.
He has a detailed post relating to the construction of a syllabus for a graduate seminar in DH. I found this to be quite helpful for comparative purposes to my own postgraduate course.

I will link this post below:
Digital Humanities Grad Syllabus

To be continued........

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